BBQ Restaurant In Cheektowaga Closes Its Doors
A barbecue restaurant in Cheektowaga had suddenly shut its doors. Located at 1753 Walden Avenue, the restaurant officially closed its doors for good on Sunday, April 30th after running out of product shortly after 4pm.
The restaurant's Facebook page has been deleted and according to a former employee…
12 Arrests Made at Walden Galleria Since Christmas Day
All around the U.S. malls have been seeing outbreaks of fights and disorder as a result of an online movement being put together by social media! The plans of this social media movement is to cause mayhem at local malls.
Buffalo has not been left out in this trend. Acc...
Cheektowaga Man Accused of Impersonating Buffalo Police Officer
Man Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer Faces Multiple Charges.
— Cheektowaga Police (@CPDNYInfo) October 18, 2016
This story BLEW my mind! Every once in a while I see or read the news that people are impersonating police officers...

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