Eerie Similarities In Shooter, Thoughts On Gun Control
Watching the updates on yesterday's (12/14/12) tragedy unfold, I can't help but see some physical similarities between the Newtown, CT shooter and the Aurora, CO shooter (I don't even want to breathe the names of these selfish madmen).
This isn't a breakthrough in the case by any means, but the physi…
186 Pound, Nine Year Old’s New Transformation
Starting at 186 pounds before a brand new transformation, nine year-old Breanna Broad had a rough time at school. "Everybody at school would call me names," Breanna said. "They would call me fatty, they would call me fat head." Well, this is pretty …
Is a Pole-Dancing Class for Kids a Good Idea? [POLL]
Stripper poles have been helping the barely legal afford college for years, but now a Canadian dance school says it plans to start offering minors the opportunity to take pole-dancing classes as early as five years old, walking a controversial line between suitable and inappropriate.
New Research Reveals Overweight Teens Get Bad Grades
There are many dangers that can come from being an overweight or obese teenager, including the risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, Type-2 diabetes and stroke.
However, new research indicates that teens suffering from obesity might be at risk for acquiring more than just poor hea…

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