Behavior Charts – Are They Worth the Work?
Kids are amazing creatures and help make life sweet, but sometimes they need a push in the right direction.  As Parents, it is easy to just do everything for them because they are so cute and little.  Too much of that is not always a good thing...
Mom’s Brilliant Way of Getting Kids to Do Chores
Moms and dads, you've GOT to get creative these days to get your kids to oblige around the house.
This mom nails it -- hit em where it hurts!  Don't do your chores, and you get no WiFi password.
She puts a note up, telling the kids that in order to get today's WiFi password, they h…
Mom’s Letter to Misbehaved 13-Year-Old Son WORKS [PHOTO]
A mom recently wrote this letter to her 13-year-old son, calling his bluff. And it WORKED.
Estella Havisham's son told her to stop telling him what to do (he hadn't done his homework but didn't want to be treated like a child).
He makes a few bucks off a YouTube channel, so he made a co…