Tony P in LuLaRoe…it Never Looked So Good [VIDEO]
The other day I made the mistake of not knowing what LuLaRoe was during our show.  Val Townsend quickly pounced on the idea of me trying on some of the leggings...I mean 'meggings'.
Today I took that challenge, and Val's friends Karen Z and Justin from LuLaRoe brought me a p…
The Top 5 Most Over-Covered Stories of Buffalo of 2015 [LIST]
After hearing these stories over and over again for months, our ears started to bleed. The topics that made the top of the list need to be put to rest and in some cases, they're not even over.
For instance, let's take the Lancaster Redskin mascot debate that basically divided the town in ha…
What is Proper Work Attire?
Summer comes, and everyone breaks out the cooler clothes. Makes sense. Only problem is, are those short shorts or that revealing top work appropriate?
What To Wear at a Beach Wedding
Next month is my daughter's wedding and it's a beach wedding. A casual, non traditional affair. Yesterday I went into a mini panic because I realized I don't know what to wear. There will be no tuxedo's. As a matter of fact most of the men  will not be wearing a suit. I wanted to wear a topical weig…