Bus Driver Saves Six Children From Flames [VIDEO]
Lindora Richardson says she was just doing her job. Richardson is a public school bus driver in Charlotte, North Carolina, who noticed smoke coming from the dash of her bus. What she did next may have saved the six students who were on her bus.
Morgan Quits “America’s Got Talent”
British import Piers Morgan has decided to give up his judging duties on America's Got Talent to devote full time to his CNN interview program. His decision comes after six years on the talent competition, and just one season of doing both shows.
Man Jumps Fence At White House [Video]
Uniformed Secret Service agents took a man into custody after he jumped the White House fence on Tuesday night. The incident was carried live on CNN during the "John King USA" segment.
Larry King Signs Off
Larry King completed his final show last night and gave a heart felt good bye to his audience of more than 25 years. Piers Morgan of America's Got Talent  is set to take over Larry's Time Slot.