Val & Tony’s Coca-Cola Chug Challenge [VIDEO]
It's National Have a Coke Day, so of course Val Townsend and I celebrated the only way we know having a chugging contest.  Val challenged me and I accepted, mainly because I do not have the ability to say no.  Then she pulled the one two switcharoo and just watched me chug th…
It’s Hulk vs. Ant-Man in the Coke Super Bowl Commercial
Earlier this week, Coca-Cola and Marvel teased a team-up during the Super Bowl by sending out mini-cans of Coke branded with different members of the Avengers. Both sides promised not to reveal the contents of the commercial until it aired during the Super Bowl. Now that it’s aired we know th…
Coke and Pepsi To Change Formula [VIDEO]
Coke and Pepsi have decided to change it's formula in order to avoidputting a cancer warning label on their products.  There is a chemical in the caramel color that may be linked to cancer. 

Get the link to the video that explains it, here
Coca Cola Does It’s Part To Save The Polar Bears [VIDEO]
It's the most wonderful time of the year. We will soon hear Christmas music and see Christmas commercials air every other minute. Every year I look forward to seeing the Coca Cola polar bear commercials. Coke is launching a new white can for the holidays to symbolize the polar bear that is in d…