NY State Tests Can Be Given on Computers This Year
Say goodbye to paper and pencil tests! If schools choose to do so, they can administrator this years state mandated tests on the computer.
According to WGRZ the states Education Department is allowing the mandated math and English tests to be administered on computers for intermediate and elementary …
Celebrating “The Enchantress Of Numbers”
The Mother of Modern Computers was born on this day in 1815. How important was Ada Lovelace to the development of computers? Among her contributions was the idea that computers could do more than just crunch numbers.
Cat And Computer – NOT A Good Combo (VIDEO)
In this world, there are Dog People and there are Cat People . I fall very solidly into the second group. Not that I don't like dogs; I just prefer to have cats living with me. Except when I want or need to do something, and the cat, or cats have Something Else in mind.
Computers Know What You Want For Dinner!
Can you believe this technology! It's five o'clock, you are hungry, tired and have no idea what to make for dinner. Computer giant Intel and the Kraft food company have devised a kiosk that uses video analysis to scan your face and tell you what your next meal should be.