Connecticut shooting

Dog Owner Offers Out Hugs to Heal Newtown
In an attempt to heal not only the ones directly connected to the tragedy at Newtown, CT, this past Friday, but the entire town, retired special education teacher Michael Cragin has decided to offer out hugs — not from him, but from his beloved bulldog Truman.
Names of Victims in Newtown, Connecticut Massacre Revealed
Authorities have released the names of the victims of Friday's mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which Adam Lanza, 20, reportedly killed 27 people, as well as himself. Lanza's rampage began when he shot and killed his mother, Nancy, at her home before he drove to Sandy Hook Element…
Eerie Similarities In Shooter, Thoughts On Gun Control
Watching the updates on yesterday's (12/14/12) tragedy unfold, I can't help but see some physical similarities between the Newtown, CT shooter and the Aurora, CO shooter (I don't even want to breathe the names of these selfish madmen).
This isn't a breakthrough in the case by any means, but the physi…
Politicizing Connecticut Shootings, And Talking To Your Kids
My heart aches writing this.  As of press-time, there are 27 confirmed dead. 18 of them were children.
As a member of the media for over 15 years, I've found myself talking about things like this more often than I'd like.  I wept openly when I heard about Columbine; I mourned Virgina Tech with the re…