Free Things on Buffalo Craigslist You Can Actually Use
Craigslist is an awesome place to search for free items, yet many times you end up finding free crap that no one wants and makes you wonder, "Why aren't they just throwing this stuff out?!"
Here are six free items that can be found on Buffalo Craigslist that you will actually u…
The Most Awesome (And Creepy) FREE Things on Buffalo’s Craigslist
Just what everyone needs – a creepy Halloween costume, a historic pumping station tower...grass. If you are like us you might be asking if these things are for real.
We aren't exactly sure what this Halloween costume is of or if there is someone who would want a large historic tower from Hamburg or g…
Buffalo Halloween Missed Connections
The costumes were out and the parties were on over the Halloween weekend in and around Buffalo, NY. Even though Halloween isn't typically the most romantic holiday of the year, love was apparently...maybe...somewhat...possibly in the air.
We headed over to Buffalo's Craigslist because hey, sometimes …
The Strangest Craigslist Ads Of The Week [PICTURES]
Now, anyone can post something on Craigslist, but that doesn't mean they are the smartest people on earth or the most civilized....or just play normal.
In fact, some of the weirdest stuff that I've ever seen has been found on Craigslist...
Buffalo’s Craigslist Has Strange Items Being Asked For
There are some of the weirdest things that people ask for in the 'wanted' section of Craigslist.
I'd like an explanation for this one.
Just someone in need of a bee hive.
Is this even legal? LOL
Ladies, want to make a quick buck?
I guess you don't know unless you ask...

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