RESCUE VIDEO: Man Falls in Gorge At Letchworth Yesterday
Over the weekend, a man went unconscious after he fell in the gorge at Letchworth State Park. The man Eric Dumas, fell about 30 feet right before the brink of the falls.
State Police got down to the man and used the rescue basket with the helicopter to take him to Mercy...
DETAILS: Missing Man in Jamestown is Now ‘Suspicious’
Wednesday night into Thursday morning a man went missing in Jamestown and the Jamestown Police Department is calling it 'suspicious'.
35-year-old Sean Carpenter went missing around 1:45 AM after he was walking home on Pine to get to his home on Superior St...
How To Get Rid Of Everything Facebook Knows About You
To deactivate or delete your Facebook after the company screwed up and leaked all of your personal information in the latest saga in 2018.
When you're on Facebook--it collects all of your data. Heck, you probably already gave them a ton of information when you first signed up, but the more time …
Sad Incident As Dog Found Hanging From Tree in Jamestown
Here's what happened.
Someone was going by Hallock Street in Jamestown and they noticed a brown and white pit bull hanging from a tree. The dog was hanging by his leash tied to a blue nylon rope in a wooded area on Hallock.
According to WGRZ:
At this point it appears this was an intentional act and it …
New Laws You Need To Know in 2018
What will come out of your check this year? What do you need to know to not break the law? Here are some updates in 2018 that you should know coming from New York State.
Buffalo’s Top 10 Most Wanted List
As we begin the Spring here in Western New York, here is the current Buffalo’s Most Wanted List and what they are wanted for. If you ever have any information about any of these people, please call Buffalo Crime Stoppers at 716-867-6161!
As always, if you have any information on these…

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