Weed Killer Found in Cheerio + Quaker Products
They found Roundup Weed Killer in some products, although hard to believe at first, they say that you're going to be okay.
Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup and it was detected in all of these products tested below...
BREAKING: Bomb Found At The Home Of Bill + Hilary Clinton
There was a bomb found at the Clinton's home this morning.
More details will be here as the story develops.
9:31 AM--There was a suspicious package at the Clinton's home in Chappaqua.
Officials believe that the packaged bomb is one similar to the one found at the home of George Soro…
VIDEO: Police Officer Punches 14-Year-Old Girl
This video has caused massive outrage in a Florida community last week.
A police officer punched a 14-year-old girl in the side as he struggled to arrest her. There were two officers who already had the girt on the ground, both a female and a male officer...
Remember When David Bowie Was Arrested in Rochester?
David Bowie got arrested in Rochester once.
After a show he played at the arena in 1976, he was arrested with 3 of his friends on marijuana charges.
According to the Democrat + Chronicle:
David Bowie, the English rock singer, was arrested early yesterday at the Americana Rochester Hotel on marijuana ch…
Owner Of Kloc’s Funeral Home Killed
Sad news happened Sunday night.
The owner of the West Seneca funeral home, Paul Kloc was hit by a drunk driver late this past weekend.
The driver, 49-years-old has been charged but his name has not been released.
DWI’s Have Dropped in Erie County Dramatically–Why?
It seems that it takes New York State forever to get things done. Uber debuted in cities over 5 years ago and New York State just celebrated one year of having Uber.
Suddenly, the DWI's in Erie County are going down, we're sure from the availability of getting a cheap and easy rid…

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