3-Year-Old Goes Trick-or-Treating on Flight
OMG, my heart is exploding right now. Dad of the year just passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3 year old could trick or treat
— Stephanie Kahan (@stephaniekahan) November 1, 2016
This is definitely one of the cutest stories I've read about this week…
Happiest Pitbull on the Planet [VIDEO]
Due to this week's holiday, there's no new Wet Nose Wednesday pup today (we shoot the piece on Mondays, and it was Columbus Day...The Buffalo Animal Shelter was closed)...but just to get your adorable dog fix, here's the happiest pitbull on earth...
How Could You Scold This Cute Pug? [VIDEO]
The Joy Morning Rush crew loves dogs!  I mean, who doesn't??  Well, I guess there are those cat lovers, and those who are afraid of dogs, but c'mon....dogs are sooo cute and so much fun to have around.
These 12 Baby Chicks Will Brighten Your Day
Warning: our obsession with baby animals is unstoppable. Can you honestly blame us, though? We're already suckers for anything fuzzy and adorable, but when it comes in a tiny version, we're just sucked in automatically. Remember miniature puppies or itty bitty kittens? Our p…