Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Review: Finals Night
This is it — the week we finally learn who wins ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ All three of the couples in the finals this year were excellent, so the margin of victory will be the narrowest of narrows.
Let’s check out their Monday night performances … LI…
Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Results Review
There’s usually a thick blanket of anxiety that sweeps over contestants and audience members alike when the results portion of the show comes about. Nobody likes seeing their favorites go home, but in this particular results episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ …
Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Review
After last week’s classic night on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ one would think that it can’t get any more difficult before they begin the semi-finals. Well, when you’ve got six couples adding an additional person to their group to g…
The Dancing With The Stars Big Kiss
There was a question last week if Maria Menounos and Derek Hough locked lips last week on DWTS.  This week they made sure you knew it was definitely a kiss.
The judges actually criticized them for it, saying it wasn't necessary and it took away from the dance.

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