Dancing with the Stars

Shocker Elimination On Dancing With The Stars! [VIDEO]
The judges were left stunned and surprised following last night's elimination on Dancing with the Stars. Reality TV Star Kristin Cavallari is hanging up her dancing shoes.  Kristin and partner Mark Ballas were eliminated last night to the dismay of many (myself included!).
Nancy Grace Slips Her Nip On Dancing With The Stars [VIDEO]
Oh my goodness!!!!!  Cover up Nancy Grace.  How dare you let your BOOB slip out on a family television show.  She knew what she was doing,  anything to grab attention. When she went on the show she knew she could not dance, but she did it anyway. I want to know what makes her think she has the right…
Who Will Win The Mirrorball Trophy? [Videos]
"Dancing with the Stars" will crown a new champ tonight.  Who, though, will claim the coveted Mirrorball Trophy?  Tonight's finale promises to be like no other, with no clear front runner following last night's final dances.
Scarey Moments For Kym And Hines On “Dancing” [Video]
Hines Ward and Kym Johnson scored six perfect "10's" last night in the two dances they performed.  You would never have know just days ago Kym suffered a neck injury in practice that could have not only dropped them out of the competition, but also left her seriously inju…

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