Is This the Greatest Way to Ask Date to Homecoming?
I thought I was pretty good at being creative when asking dates to homecoming or prom in high school. But this kid in Virginia totally takes the cake. He gets the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol involved. I mean how can you top that? You can’t. But when you DO get the United States Cu…
Funny Ways To Get Out of a Bad Date — Joy Listeners Respond
Sometimes we just say 'yes' and we're kicking ourselves later when we agree to go on that date. All the sudden, you don't want to go. You find out he's rude, maybe she's too high maintenance, heck...maybe they just have to much acne or something. But, if we need to get …
5 Ideas to Spice Up Your at-Home Date Night
We are all busy with kids and work and kids. Did I mention the kids?  Date nights are necessary to make sure we set aside some time for us, but you don't always have to go out. If you are staying in, here are some ways to keep it fresh.
Who Should Pay For A Date?
Way back in the day, it was always the man that paid for a date.  Obviously we've come a long way since those days.  But how do you decide who pays for the date?
Mila Kunis Makes Marines Dream Come True [Video]
The story broke just a few days ago. A Marine Corp Seargant asked Mila Kunis for a date. Now, Mila Kunis has agreed to serve her country – by accompanying a sergeant serving in Afghanistan to the Marine Corps Ball. No doubt making his dreams come true!