Tony P’s ‘Dating Game’ Finds Love at the Singles Bash
Friday's Singles Bash featured 'The Dating Game' hosted by yours truly and my goal was to find true love for some of the singles...and I did!!
Anastasia was brave enough to be our first bachelorette, and after some intense questioning she decided to choose bachelor #2 Ross &q…
Old School: Date Like it’s 1865
It's a story as old as time.  Man wants to meet woman, so he takes an ad out in the paper.  Taking out an ad in the paper might seem a little old school, but in 1865 it was new school.
A researcher for the University of Oxford, Max Roser, found and shared a dating ad published in…
Forget Ghosting – Breadcrumbing Is The 2017 Dating Don’t
Today, the Merriam-Webster online dictionary added the term "ghosting" among 1,000 other "new" words that creep into our collective vernacular.
According to the dictionary, ghosting is the "phenomenon of leaving a relationship of some kind by abruptly endi…
The Language(s) Of Love
Do you know the languages of love?
A few weeks ago I was listening to an episode of Gretchen Rubin's podcast, "Happier..." which featured a segment on The Five Love Languages -- a 1995 book authored by Gary Chapman.
If you haven't heard of the "Love Languages," here's a quick break…
Top 10 Most Awkward Moments On A Date [LIST]
Dating may be hard to do for some. It takes work to score someone you actually like and then to keep them around. I mean, heck Tinder and other apps have literally taken over the dating world. There's 40 million people online dating as we speak...

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