Eric Jordan’s First Christmas Tree
Growing up we always had a Christmas tree in our house. We had real ones, fake ones, small ones, and giant ones. But they were always purchased by my parents and decorated as a family.
Recently I moved out of my parents home and on my own and I really didn't want to be without a tree this …
Holiday Traditions: The Impossible Question!
Every family has traditions they carry over from one generation to the next for the holidays.  Some decorate the Christmas tree together, others go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.  The subject of holiday traditions brings us to Joe & Cheryl's Impossible Quest…
Holiday Decorating: An Original Wreath
Many of us will be decorating for Christmas this weekend!  If you're looking for an original idea, why not try something completely new?  An industrial looking wreath!  I know, doesn't sound so festive but it is really cool looking!  It's also not that difficult or…
Holiday Decorating: Staircase Ideas [VIDEO]
We have 30 shopping days until Christmas!  It's time to put up the tree, hang the wreaths and be jolly!  I'm looking forward to decorating the house this year, but would like a few new ideas to freshen up the festive atmosphere.
The Coffee Filter Wreath [VIDEO]
Holiday decorations have begun popping up everywhere!  Some are new, some old and some are unique!  The coffee filter wreath definitely falls into the latter category!  What is it?  How do you make it?