Christmas Lights To Annoy Your Neighbors [VIDEO]
It's got to take  hours, maybe even days to set up some of the Christmas light displays out there.  I can't even imagine the cost involved in accumulating all of the lights, inflatables and other decorations, not to mention the electric bills!  While holiday light displays a…
Holiday Decorating: An Original Wreath
Many of us will be decorating for Christmas this weekend!  If you're looking for an original idea, why not try something completely new?  An industrial looking wreath!  I know, doesn't sound so festive but it is really cool looking!  It's also not that difficult or…
Holiday Decorating: Staircase Ideas [VIDEO]
We have 30 shopping days until Christmas!  It's time to put up the tree, hang the wreaths and be jolly!  I'm looking forward to decorating the house this year, but would like a few new ideas to freshen up the festive atmosphere.