Denver Broncos

Are The Buffalo Bills Losing Tyrod Taylor?
Say it isn't so! Many Buffalo Bills fans are fearful that our offense is going back to square one if we lose a quarterback that has shown significant growth over the past two seasons. The Superbowl champion Denver Broncos are searching for another quarterback for their 2016/2017 season and Tyro…
The NFL’s First Male Cheerleader?
I'm really surprised that this has not happened sooner.  What.we don't have any male cheerleaders in the NFL? I thought we did. I thought wrong. Sacha Hepell tried out for he Denver Bronco's cheering squad.
Peyton Manning Is A Bronco
The decision is finally made.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports, Peyton Manning has made his decision ... and he's taking his talents to the Mile High City.