DIY Minecraft Halloween Costume
This is probably the coolest costume I've made, to date, for one of my kids. And I've had some doozies in the past -- the Elf on a Shelf costume I made a few years ago was legendary at my son's daycare center.
When my son said he wanted to be Steve from Minecraft for Halloween, I …
Keeping Your Kids Busy During the Summer
I've been seeing different posts for homemade suncatchers in my Facebook feed a lot lately, which I think are pretty cool, and I might try myself!
(Have you tried them yet? Send us pics!)
Now that school's out, parents are scrambling for new and innovative ways to keep kids active and engage…
DIY: A Great Way To Reuse These In Your House! [VIDEO]
What a great for re-using these things!
It;s amazing what things you can just DIY when you have a little time, patience and the right supplies. Ann here is going to guide you on some simple projects that
Plus, now that school has started, it's time to stay organized...