Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Bengal’ [VIDEO]
When Bengal gets adopted, that'll make at least 6 success stories in a row for this feature! Keep your support coming! Go meet Bengal in person to see if he's a good fit with your family, or, please share this post via Facebook or Twitter (buttons above
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet Cordelia [VIDEO]
Continuing the theme of "Names from Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Cordelia came to the shelter as a stray, and she couldn't be sweeter!  She's what's known as a "pocket pitty", meaning a bully-breed who's tiny in stature, but she's HUGE …
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Sammi’ [VIDEO]
Sammi is 120 pounds of pure love!  She's a big girl with a big heart, and thanks to the wonderful doc's at the Buffalo Animal Shelter, she's also a breast cancer survivor!  She's got some training under her belt...but there's just ONE rule that MUST be followed in …
Blue Buffalo Recalls Canned Dog Food Due To Aluminum Contamination
The Blue Buffalo pet food company has issued a voluntary recall of some canned dog food varieties due to the possibility of aluminum contamination.
According to the Blue Buffalo website, affected products include:
Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight, Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables, 12.…
Awwww! These Are The Cutest Cat Costumes This Year
What are the best cat costumes for 2016? if you need some dog costume ideas for this year we have your back. From lions to Princess Leia to an avocado (yes, an avocado) look at some of the best ideas to get your brain jogging!
Wet Nose Wednesday — Meet ‘Zach Morris’ [VIDEO]
Yes, THAT Zach Morris.  He's about the same size as the "other" Zach's cell phone, but is way more fun.  He's a tinier guy, but makes up for it with a REALLY goofy and fun personality. He's a mixed up mutt, with crazy ears, awesome markings, and he&apo…

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