What Are Good Dog Costume Ideas – Top 10 [LIST]
Sometimes our dogs have more swag than we do. You may be asking, 'what should I make my dog wear?' or 'what are the best dog costume ideas?'
Well, I got your covered with the 10 best that I have seen in 2015. Take notes for next year...
Cute Baby Laughing at Two Adorable Puppies Is Internet Gold
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the internet was invented.
In this video, a baby named Louie can't get enough of a pair of pug puppies jump all over him, while they lick, teethe and do everything else puppies do when they're just so excited they don't know what else to do with t…
Happiest Pitbull on the Planet [VIDEO]
Due to this week's holiday, there's no new Wet Nose Wednesday pup today (we shoot the piece on Mondays, and it was Columbus Day...The Buffalo Animal Shelter was closed)...but just to get your adorable dog fix, here's the happiest pitbull on earth...

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