Bacon Wrapped Dorito Onion Ring — We Are In [VIDEO]
When a recipe starts with bacon, I'm pretty much on board.  You could wrap a stapler in bacon and I'd be down for it.
Add in Doritos and onion rings and that's a trifecta I'm interested in trying.
Plus they're baked, not they've gotta be healthy...
Buffalo Residents Break Into Doritos Delivery Truck!
Sometimes ya need a lil snack.
When opportunity strikes, sometimes people just need a BIG snack.
This Doritos delivery truck was stuck on Seneca street, so some "neighbors" decided to help themselves...
I just saw several men stealing chips from inside this abandoned Doritos tru…
Taco In A Bag? Easy Dinner The Kids Will Love!
We made "Taco in a Bag" for dinner the other night!  It's a quick easy meal or snack we first tried at the concession stand when my kids were in cheerleading and football.  Never heard of it?  While, then you're in for a real treat!