The Top 5 Most Over-Covered Stories of Buffalo of 2015 [LIST]
After hearing these stories over and over again for months, our ears started to bleed. The topics that made the top of the list need to be put to rest and in some cases, they're not even over.
For instance, let's take the Lancaster Redskin mascot debate that basically divided the town in ha…
Ebay Seller Caught Naked in Her Own Picture
Most people have that ‘most embarrassing moment’ in their life. Thankfully and hopefully, those moment are not like Aimi Jones. She hung her little yellow dress on her door to take a picture of it with the intent to sell it on eBay. Well, she didn’t notice her r…
World’s Most Expensive, Coolest Dress
World’s Most Expensive Dress is pretty sweet. At the massive cost it is selling for, it should be.  An United Kingdom designer hand stitched and put 50 two  carat black diamonds.  This sucker weighed 20 pounds but, I have to say it is a cool dress. Take a stab at how m…
Prom Dress Styles for Spring
Despite the fact there's some left over winter weather, the spring proms are right around the corner. That means it's officially prom season and time to think about the perfect dress!