Drone Crashes Through Window of Buffalo City Hall
This past Wednesday something unusual happened at Buffalo City Hall. One of the windows on the 23rd floor of the building was broken. This happened after an ariel drone smashed through the window by accident.
According to The Buffalo News the owner of the drone was competly unaware that the the…
Latest Buffalo Drone Video!
Yes, I'm obsessed.  Yes, I have a problem.  But if loving my city and drone videos is wrong...I don't wanna be right.  Take in theses stunning views of our city!
Drone Over Buffalo Pier! [VIDEO]
Another amazing drone video over Buffalo!  In this video, the drone flies over Gallagher Pier Buffalo Harbor State Park and catches some awesome aerial view of jet skis.  Check it out!  .
AMAZING Drone Video Of Buffalo Harbor!
This video is absolutely stunning.  I think I'm gonna head out and by my own drone after watching this video of our beautiful harbor over Buffalo!  Video credit to Chris Mackey via YouTube.
AWESOME! Drone Over Niagara Falls [VIDEO]
Awesome!  Totally awesome!  is all I gotta say about this vid.  Ok I'l say more..check out this drone footage up close and personal with the partially frozen Niagara Falls!  Credit to Retail News via YouTube