Easter Brunch Locations in Buffalo
Now that St. Patrick's Day weekend is behind us, Easter is approaching faster than Peter Cottontail on a spring day. For many people, Easter Brunch is a very popular way to celebrate with their families, so we have put together a list of restaurants that are offering a nice family meal for the …
Easter Egg Hunts + Other Easter Fun in Buffalo!
Easter is great because it's the first sign of spring, and it's another excuse to eat chocolate. Plus, who doesn't love decorating eggs? There's also a ton of cheap (and free) Easter events happening in Buffalo within the next few weeks -- we even found an adult Easter Egg H…
Are You Afraid of What Laura Is?
The past few weeks have been absolutely hilarious with Laura and nothing short of entertaining. I’ve learned a lot about her…perhaps even too much, but I don’t mind. Today, a mascot walked off the elevator at 7 this morning and she had a MELT DOWN.
Happy Easter from Joe, Corinna, Colby and Grace!
My family and I wish you a Happy Easter! Easter morning in the Chille household began about 6:50am (twin 10 year olds), with Colby and Grace searching for Easter baskets, Corinna thought I should sleep-in (God Bless you honey).
Let's back up to the pre-Easter activities on Saturday...

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