2016 WNY + State Election Winners
During the race for the white house, local and state winners were running for office to serve Western New York last night as well.
Lets take a look at the winners!
What Did Eric Jordan Wear While at The Polls Today?
Today is Election Day, we've been waiting for what feels like eternity for it to all be over with! If you're like me, you're beyond ready to just have a final answer to who will be our next President.
In a time where we all are feeling stressed and extremely divided, I wanted to …
Why I Told My Students It’s OK To Skip Class Tomorrow
As a college professor, I am blessed to work with many young adults, who have just finally reached the age to actively participate in our democratic system in the United States.
As a college professor, I am also well-aware of millennial apathy...
Where to Vote This Tuesday
The big week is finally here, the Presidential Election is this Tuesday November 8th. If you registered to vote make sure where you know where you need to go to hit the polls.
Normally your county Board of Elections sends you a postcard reminding you of your polling place. Thi...
Eric Jordan Just Spotted Ken Bone Where?
Ever since the 2nd Presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump the world has become smitten with a man named Ken Bone. Ken was one of the undecided voters who asked one of the questions during the debate. Since then he has become an internet sensation, with memes, videos, and even &a…

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