HELP! Which Picture Should Melody Use For Tinder? [PICTURES]
Dave + Rob are trying to help pick out Melody's new dating app profile pic for her. Help us vote below so, we can set it up for her!
There was a study that said you should have a stranger or someone else pick out your profile picture, which is kind of weird because wouldn't you think that y…
How To Get Rid Of Everything Facebook Knows About You
To deactivate or delete your Facebook after the company screwed up and leaked all of your personal information in the latest saga in 2018.
When you're on Facebook--it collects all of your data. Heck, you probably already gave them a ton of information when you first signed up, but the more time …
Top 10 Most Used Emoji’s
It's 'World Emoji Day' and I know what you're thinking.  How have emoji's gotten so big, so quick, that they have their own world day!?!  I know it's puzzling, but let's be honest, I could have written the entire last sentence in emoji's and you woul…
How to See If Anyone Has Logged Onto Your Facebook
Ever have a suspicion someone besides yourself has been logging into your Facebook account? Not sure how to prove it or make sure it's not happening? Follow these easy steps now to check.
1.)Go to Facebook Click Settings>Security>Where You're Logged In
2.) Cli...

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