If You Could Remove Any Christmas Song, It Would Be _________
If you could remove any Christmas song off the face of this earth and never have to hear it again, what would it be? We took this question to our Facebook page, and NOBODY was bashful about quickly letting us know what they thought! Here is what Joy listeners had to say....
Facebook Can Now Help You Get a Job
Don't just update your status—update your résumé. Facebook has just released a Social Jobs App that will allow people to search job listings from a multitude of sites like Monster and DirectEmployers.
Finding A New Kidney In “Farm Town”
Do you play Farm Town on Facebook? I haven't in a long time, but I remember you frequently get asked to do chores on someone else's "farm" . But I never heard of anyone offering to donate a kidney in the real world. Until now, anyway.
Woman Jailed For Failing To Delete Facebook Account
You know it’s a bad day when a judge decides you need to spend some time behind bars because you didn’t delete your Facebook account. Is having a Facebook page now a crime? It seems that if you irk the wrong judge in the state of Kentucky, it just might be.
If JOY Listeners Were President, They Would….
Everyone has an opinion about politics and sometimes it gets overwhelming with the debates, commercials and constant views being thrown at you all of the time. In the midst of this political season, we asked JOY listeners on our facebook page to finish the statement "If I were president....&qu…
Funny Ways To Get Out of a Bad Date — Joy Listeners Respond
Sometimes we just say 'yes' and we're kicking ourselves later when we agree to go on that date. All the sudden, you don't want to go. You find out he's rude, maybe she's too high maintenance, heck...maybe they just have to much acne or something. But, if we need to get …
Remembering 9/11 — With a Pizza Special?!
Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11 -- a day of remembrance, and a day to honor those lost 11 years ago in one of America’s greatest tragedies. But did you know you could celebrate by getting a large cheese pizza for $9.11? What a deal!

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