Need a Monday Morning Smile?
Good morning!  I know, I said "good morning" on a Monday, but let's try and be positive and concentrate on the "good" things we all do have!  I know I needed a little extra kick to get me going this morning and this was it!
Quit Facebook?
A recent survey (so you know it's true) says 61% of us voluntarily take a break from Facebook, usually for a couple weeks.  However, most of us go back after the break.  We're a nation of backsliders.
Earlier this week, a Massachusetts dad made a deal with his 14 year old daughter that if she quit Fa…
Ladies: You Responded; Your Perfect Date
Dinner & a movie? Too plain? We asked you where you would go on your perfect date. Some good creative answers came in so here they are. But, to the lady that would go to the zoo and a bar on her perfect date. We are a match made in heaven.
WOMEN: Which Would You Pick?
There was quite the popular answer. What do you think it was and what would you rather have....
1. Have 15 minutes alone in the bathroom?
2. 8 uninterupted hours of sleep?
3. A night in a hotel alone with no kids or husband?
4. 1 week of free babysitting?
5. Your husband doing the dishes for a month...wi…
Facebook Can Now Help You Get a Job
Don't just update your status—update your résumé. Facebook has just released a Social Jobs App that will allow people to search job listings from a multitude of sites like Monster and DirectEmployers.

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