Facebook To Switch To Timeline Feature
Facebook is in the process of revamping everyone's front-facing profile page.. Starting this morning, the new Timeline feature — that up until now has been an optional switch — is now mandatory.
Facebook Aims to Prevent Suicides
If you're considering suicide, Facebook now will actively try to get you some help.
The social-networking site said Tuesday that if any of its 800 million users type a post saying they are considering suicide, Facebook will offer to connect them to a crisis counselor through their chat system.
Today Is “National Unfriend Day” On Facebook
Today is the day you "cut the fat" out of your facebook friends. Jimmy Kimmel has declared November 17th as a new holiday - "National Unfriend Day" - or "NUD" for short. Kimmel came up with the idea last week and it's picking up momentum!
A Parent’s Guide To Facebook
You're a parent, and finally on Facebook. Congratulations!
Your kids have "friended" you...and you are about to venture onto their home turf.
Facebook Follows You Forever…
Getty ImagesDo you feel secure about your privacy when you use Facebook? A new revelation online led the world's largest social networking site to change some of its software to give users a little more security. But those changes may not be enough to keep your Internet travels private.
Facebook Freak Out
I don't know how your friend list is reacting to the latest facebook changes. But some on mine are " freaking Out" over them. Yesterday facebook users woke up to a host of changes in their social media experience!

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