Fast Food

Will Travel For (Bad) Food
In WNY, we know our casual food.
From Duff's to Ted's to Anderson's and Jim's Steakout and a million in between....we do it up!
BUT there are SOME places we DON'T have (yet)...and we're willing to travel to for greasy, fattening, comforting, delicious guilty pleasures...
Val Townsend and Tony P Crush National Fast Food Day
Wednesday was National Fast Food Day and Val & Tony P celebrated in style.  We put together a buffet of some of the fastest in WNY and realized after it was not a good idea.
We had food from Wendy's, Burger King, and Mighty Taco.  ...
Dickey’s BBQ Coming to Buffalo, NY
Some tasty news to report today! Dickey's Barbecue Pit is planning to expand its restaurant chain in New York state, specifically two stores in Buffalo!
Owner and operator Abban Westby told PR Newswire:
"After touring the new store model in Dallas we knew that we wanted to open this concept in Bu…
Double-Down Dog!
It's become all the rage this week online!  KFC's "Double-Down Dog" available only in the Philippines, has raised interest here in the U.S.  So this guy tries to concoct his own version of the fast food item using stuff from other fast food items.
Find Out What 2,000 Calories Actually Looks Like
Here's a helpful video, if you were wondering how many carrots you could eat without going over 2,000 calories. If that sounds like something you definitely do not need to know, 2,000 calories is also quantified in Big Macs, pizza, Chipotle burritos and delicious, delicious avocados...
What If Fast Food Was Delivered To You?
My prayers have been answered! I am a complete fast food junkie. I have been trying to not eat fast food the past couple weeks with my longest streak being seven days before I caved. But, let’s ignore that for a second because my weakness just became more convenient. McDonald&CloseCu…

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