So Gross! He Ordered A Kindle + Look What Came Instead
A man ordered a Kindle e-book online and when it finally came in he got quite the surprise. An major accident that could have been worse, but when James Potten of Bristol, England got a tumor meant to go to a hospital instead, he was a little shocked...
FedEx Delivery Goes Terribly Wrong! [VIDEO]
Imagine arriving home this time of year to find a package banged up on your front porch?  Maybe it looks like it had just been carelessly tossed there?  This video will make you wonder what really happens to your packages!
Busy Day For Deliveries!
Today is expected to be the biggest mail and package delivery day of the year for both the Postal Service and UPS.  After handling an estimated 801 million postmarked cards and letters and millions of packages this past Monday,