Throwback Thursday: Childhood Fireworks [VIDEO]
It's Throwback Thursday, and with our Nation's holiday coming up we figured we would go back to our childhood when we discovered fireworks for the first time!
Now all of these fireworks are still around, but the memory of when we first experienced them is what we are going after. &nbs…
Spend the Fourth of July at Canalside with Laura Daniels
Ready for the best, most spectacular, memorable, family-friendly, outstandingly amazing Fourth of July experience available to mankind?!
That's a tall order, and we plan to deliver!  JOIN ME!

There's something for everyone almost all day long, so come out to Buffalo's premier summe…
Friday Night Bash Fireworks Viewed From Mix 96 Studios!
So there I am, working (really) late in our Mix 96 studios in downtown Buffalo when all of a sudden I hear "BOOM BOOM BOOM!" What's going on?  Are we under attack??  No, Rinelli you idiot it's the fireworks from the Buffalo Bisons' first Friday Night Bash a…

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