Dan’s Top 7 Running Jams
Sunny and temperatures in the 70s this week!  Oh yeah, let running season begin!  No matter how much time you spent on the treadmill at the club or at home you know NOTHING beats a run outside!
..and if you're like me you need your running setlist to motivate...
Running Hacks! [VIDEO]
Whether you're a 'gym rat' on the treadmill or gearing up for the Spring (hopefully soon!)...enjoy these tips to help your run!
Man Runs 50-Mile Marathon With Mouth Wired Shut
Brandon Mulnix wasn’t going to let a little thing like having his jaw wired shut get in the way of completing a 50-mile marathon.
The 32-year-old from Lowell, Michigan made it to the finish line of the 50 mile North Country Trail Run in roughly 12 hours, despite having his jaw wired shut ten days pri…
A little Winter Workout Motivation
We are only 4 weeks away from 2011. Did you keep your resolutions and loose all of the baby weight or happy flappy pounds?  I know that some of us are still shoveling the two feet of snow that fell last night.