Flight 3407

Flight 3407 Families Come Home From D.C. With Good News
It was a tough day in Western New York yesterday (February 12). Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of the crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, and on the anniversary, many family members of those lost headed to the capital to push the FAA and Congress to set in new airline safety regul…
Flight 3407 Widow Releases Book
"Everything Changed," by Flight 3407 widow, Robin Tolsma takes readers on a surreal tale from the night of the crash through the emotional ups and downs that followed, after losing her husband and father of her two, Darren Tolsma.
Bankrupt Parent Firm of Flight 3407 Pays Huge Bonuses [VIDEO]
Adding insult to injury for the families of flight 3407 crash victims the company somehow found the money to approve hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay raises for top executives weeks before their April 1st Bankruptcy filing.
"My immediate reaction that came to mind is it's obscene…