Heinz Wants To Bring The Mayochup Truck to Buffalo
Earlier in the year, Heinz caused a bit of a stir asking people if they would eat a new product if they made it: ketchup and mayo combined in one bottle.
Of course, it's nothing new. In fact, there are other companies that already make it...
New Flavored Oreos Just For Buffalo
Okay okay, maybe not "for Buffalo" officially, but new flavors from America's favorite cookie have been released, and this time you'll probably wanna substitute the milk for a side of blue cheese instead! Both new flavors introduced by Oreo are packing some heat, one of which I f…
Paula’s Donuts Is Coming Downtown Buffalo!
Paula's is coming to downtown!
The doughnut empire that initially started on Kenmore Avenue and Englewood Drive, is now opening it's fourth location. It joins the location in
West Seneca
Don't expect it soon, though...
All-You-Can Eat Asian Is Coming to WNY!
All-you-can-eat Asian is coming and it's not a buffet line.
What you will see at this all you can eat Asian are dishes that aren't available at normal Asian restaurants--items that are usually expensive and ordered ala carte. In a cool Pacific-themed setting, you can order on digital screens and the …
LOL Awesome! Aldi Has Adult Advent Calendars With Wine + Cheese
Forget the chocolate!
Coming up this November, Aldi will start offering adult advent calendars--one filled with fancy cheeses and another filled with wine!
Both will have 24 doors for each day of the Advent calendar. The wine calendar will cost about 70 bucks and the cheese calendar will cost about 13…
Better Than Ted’s + Louie’s? New Hot Dog Place in WNY!
This new place turned an old gas station into one of the most unique hot dog stands we've ever seen. Better than Louie's at 2 AM or Ted's for lunch? Possibly.
These dogs are super crazy.
Take this one for instance. The Violet Beauregard is a dog with blueberry barbecue sauce, …
Top 6 Breakfast Joints in Clarence, NY [LIST]
Sometimes you need some help so you’re not going to the same place over and over again. Chances are that if you’re from Clarence you’ve already been to all five of these places; but if you haven’t checked them off your list yet, are you…

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