Find Out How To Get Free Slurpees All Week At 7-Eleven
It's not the "bring your own cup" day, which is totally awesome by the way and if we had a 7-Eleven on our college town... well let's just say I would have some throw back photos! No, it's not the "bring your own cup" day, but it is a way to get a b…
Lloyd and Uber are Feeding Buffalo for Free Today
Today those who have the Uber app will have the chance to be treated to free food from Lloyd. Download the app now and you could potentially be one of those people!
According to WIVB today from 10 a.m. til 2 p.m. Buffalo residents who use the Uber app could have the Lloyd's Taco truck…
New York State Is Giving You Free High Speed Internet
By 2018, every New Yorker will have access to high-speed internet making "Broadband for All" a reality. Governor Cuomo's initiative is a major step in making sure that everyone in New York State is up to speed and on the same level, noting that it is necessary for our fast pac…
Three Free Apps To Make Trick-Or-Treating Safer
Are the kids trick-or-treating on their own this year?
Or, maybe you've got a whole gaggle of kids going together, and it's tough to keep an eye on all of them, all of the time!
Here's a few apps we found that can help you out, whether you're going with them or not, in case they get separated:

FREE COFFEE All Week! Here’s How!
Free + Coffee:  Two great tastes that go great together!
Starting Monday (10/12/15), 7-Eleven will give you ANY SIZE of hot coffee for FREE for one week!  You just have to have the 7-Eleven Rewards app on your phone, and have em scan it (like a coupon)...

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