Gas Prices in Buffalo Are the Lowest in 12 Years
Woohoooo! Gas prices in Buffalo are hitting an all-time low, well they are the lowest they have been in YEARS anyway!
Gas prices are at their lowest seasonal prices since 2004. The average here in Buffalo right now is $2.36 and the national average is $2...
Where Is the Cheapest Gas in Buffalo?
It's a necessary evil for most of us if we want to get anywhere – you're going to have to fuel up at some point.
I honestly don't make it a habit of noticing gas prices, mainly because when I need it, I need it.
And if you're like me, you stretch it until the last possible mo…
Which Town in WNY Has the Cheapest Gas? [LIST]
Who has the cheapest gas in Buffalo? Which town has the best gas prices? With the help of GasBuddy, we found the Western New York towns that have the cheapest gas as we round out 2015.
Right now, the cheapest gas in America is in Michigan...
Gas in New Jersey is $9.99!
What?! Yes, gas in New Jersey is at $9.99 right now at some Lukoil stations. I thought the price of $4.21 in downtown Buffalo is bad. But how exactly did it get THAT high?
118 Miles Per Gallon! The Honda Fit EV
A few months ago, I went from driving an SUV to a Honda Civic because of the distance I now have to drive to work.  I now get 36 MPG as opposed to around 14 MPG with the SUV.  What a difference and what a savings.
Barbecue For Real. Charcoal Or Gas?
Tis the season for grilling.  In my opinion grilling is the easiest way to cook up a delicious and satisfying dinner.  There's less to clean up too.  Gotta love those paper plates.  But the debate rages on:  Should I go charcoal or gas?