Girl Scout Cookies

What Wine Do I Serve With…Girl Scout Cookies? :)
I'm sure by now you've been accosted by no less than 8 coworkers with kids who want you to buy Girl Scout Cookies...tis the season!
Ya can't say no, firstlu because who wants to disappoint a girl trying to get her cookie badge???  But second, they are essentially the equivalent of…
What Beer Goes Best With Girl Scout Cookies?
Two great tastes that go great together?
Sure, why not?!?!
Check out this complete list of what beer goes best with each Girl Scout cookie.....
My favorite is the Samoa...apparently that goes well with Firestone Walker....and by pure coincidence, they will be at Buffalo On Tap ...
Girl Scout Cookie Facts
The cookie drive has come and gone for this year,and I had my fill of  tag-a-longs! But here are some fascinating facts about the phenomenon known as Girl Scout Cookies!