Sesame Street Takes On “Glee” (VIDEO)
From its beginnings, Sesame Street was designed to look like the other programs kids watched on TV. The little films that teach letters and numbers have always been thought of as the "commercials", while the day's adventures are put together like regular TV shows. A big part o…
Everybody’s A Winner On “The Glee Project”
My daughter's been watching "The Glee Project" this summer with some friends.  The Sunday night series has been showcasing musical talent with the ultimate winner ending up joining the cast of "Glee" for the upcoming season.  Last night, was &qu…
Graduating From Glee Club[Video]
It looks like the cast of Glee will not be forever. They are in High School. Who wants to be in High school for 7 years? It seemed as if 90210 students never left Beverly Hills High. We just watched them age before our eyes. Yes it will be sad to see Sam leave Glee. He will find a happy Glee club in…
“Glee” Gets It Right With Original Songs!
I loved it... especially Rachael's ballad "Get It Right."  My daughter, Jenna, and I fell in love with the original music on Glee last night.  In case you missed it... you can listen to both "Get It Right" and "Loser Like Me" here.…
Last Night On Glee
I was watching Glee last night and really enjoyed the plot twist they put on drinking alcohol at the High School level. Taking the approach
Glee Coming Out with Original Music
The "Glee" cast will soon be taking on more than just cover songs.  Columbia Records -- the label behind the hit album series "Glee: The Music" -- announced that the March 15th episode of the Fox show will feature two original tracks.

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