Halloween Costumes

‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review – 10/28
What a fun week we had leading up to Halloween. Here is everything to catch you up on what you may have missed!
Things were HORRIFYING but not in the ways we hoped.  Instead it was the Buffalo Bills performance in Miami.  Check out the Miami House of Horrors.
DIY Minecraft Halloween Costume
This is probably the coolest costume I've made, to date, for one of my kids. And I've had some doozies in the past -- the Elf on a Shelf costume I made a few years ago was legendary at my son's daycare center.
When my son said he wanted to be Steve from Minecraft for Halloween, I …
Val Townsend & Tony P’s Halloween Pasts
If you haven't heard us say it enough lately, we LOVE Halloween.  Aside from the chilly weather that is in store this year, what's not to love??  You get to dress up and hit the town while doing something you were always told not to - accept candy from strangers...
Clowns: Scary Funny
It has been well documented that I am terrified of spiders.  I don't want 8 hairy legs on me unless I'm at a European strip club.  This is a legit fear and I am made fun of for it all the time.
That's why when I hear about fear of clowns I laugh.  W...
Halloween – The Costume Is Everything
We are knee deep into fall, which means the best holiday is right around the corner.  No, not Columbus Day.  Do you even get off of work for that?  I'm talking about Halloween, and although you don't get off work for that one either, it does reward you with candy...
Not EVERY Halloween Needs To Be Sexy
We had a pretty big discussion last week about my sentiments that not everyone should necessarily get candy, or go Trick or Treating.
Like, you got REAL mad at me....
Post by Mix 96.
So I caved and bought a GIANT bag of candy (the GOOD stuff, like Reece's and Almond Joy and such) and will…
This LED Halloween Costume Is Simply Adorable [VIDEO]
This is the creation of the Glowy Zoey company and what amazes me the most about the costume is that it is responsive to sound, it flashes many different colors and not only will your kid be the center of attention, but, he or she will likely be the most visible.

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