Scariest Movie? [POLL]
Ok it's the week to scary-movie binge!  Mwhahahaha!  Get your popcorn ready and hold your significant other or blankie tight and take our "Scariest Movie" poll!
Halloween week is here and that means haunted houses and spooky fun!  Dan and the crew check out Frightworld on French road in Cheektowaga.  "Come on let's go!!!"
WORST Halloween Candy! [POLL]
It's that time of year again!  "Gimme some candyyyy!"  Most are yum and others are...well...yuckkk!  Take the poll and share your opinion of the WORST Halloween candy!
Not EVERY Halloween Needs To Be Sexy
We had a pretty big discussion last week about my sentiments that not everyone should necessarily get candy, or go Trick or Treating.
Like, you got REAL mad at me....
Post by Mix 96.
So I caved and bought a GIANT bag of candy (the GOOD stuff, like Reece's and Almond Joy and such) and will…

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