Haunted Orchard Park — A Dance Studio + An Old Airport
A spirit named Ronald allegedly haunted M*A*D*S* in Orchard Park, NY. Ronald reportedly use to own the building, which housed a dance studio. The spirit allegedly plays tricks such as hiding CDs and other items as jokes.
Orchard Parks Old Airport is another alleged haunted spot of the area...
Top 5 Halloween Costumes Trending in Buffalo, NY Right Now
The website, Frightgeist shows locally trending costumes in every major city, as well as what are the top searched costumes in the country.
If you don't like any on the list below and you're crunched for time before Saturday, here's 28 last-minute ideas for Halloween costumes for your …
A Haunted Saloon, Hotel Buffalo-Area Ghost Story
Here is a Buffalo-area ghost story right out of the Wild West. Okay, so maybe not, but it sure makes us think of the old days. The Western House of Springville, NY, was once a hotel and saloon and was later turned into apartments and a restaurant...
How to Keep Your Carved Pumpkin From Rotting
If you carved your pumpkin October 1st, chances are by now, it looks more like a giant orange raisin than a gourd.
Obviously there's still time to get another one, and by using these tips, it may stay fresher, longer!

After carving, wipe the outside down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and leftov…
What Kids’ Movie Actually Scared You? [VIDEOS]
Looking for a family-friendly movie that's still terrifying enough for Halloween?  Look no further than the Wizard of Oz!
If you're like me, you had nightmares of the flying monkeys. I was also CONVINCED Ms. Gultch was going to come kidnap my dog, Brandy (she was a Norwegian Elkhound, …

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