How Caramel Apples Could KILL You
Well, there's good news and bad news.
The good news is, it's CARAMEL APPLE SEASON, YA'LL!!!!
The bad news is...the could KILL you, if you don't eat them quickly enough.
Last year, 7 people were killed by a Listeria outbreak caused by candy apples...
Ghosts of Aborted Babies Haunt Wales? — WNY Haunted Tales
Goodleburg Cemetery on Goodleburg Road in Wales dates back to 1811 and was an active cemetery until 1927. There are many tales and stories attached to the site. 
The paranormal incidents are rumored to have originated from the legend of a doctor, who practiced illegal abortions and buried the aborted…
The Pigman Killer — WNY Haunted Tales
Pigman Road is the supposed home to a serial killer by the name of "the Pigman". He allegedly resembles a pig or wore a mask of pig parts. The murderer is said to have put the heads of his victims as well as the heads of pigs on stakes along the road...
A Haunted Mighty Taco? WNY Ghost Stories
Might Taco? Haunted? Could it be? Well, it'd be hard for most customers to tell since it's a late night go to for the night scene.
But apparently it is thought by some that the Eggert Road Might Taco in Tonawanda has a few nonpaying customers hanging around...
Delaware Road in Clarence — WNY Haunted Tales
Many people believe that driving down this sketchy, unlit road is a rite of passage. Evil has been connected with the road -- for example, KKK lynchings and lantern-carrying ghosts.
It is rumored that at night a man can be seen standing on the side of the road holding a lantern with a young girl a fe…
Take a Look Inside a 1000-Year-Old Coffin [VIDEO]
Nothing says hello to the Halloween season like taking a look inside a 1000-year-old coffin. Recently in Odense, Denmark, a coffin was found on the site of the small timber church. A light rail project was being planned to go through and so archaeologists soon discovered that they had a&nb…

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