heat wave

What IS the Deal With Ice Cream Sandwiches?
During this long hot summer, you’ve probably tried to find a little refreshment wherever you can. Maybe you’ve had an ice cream sandwich or two. And maybe you’ve noticed something different about them.
Some Folks Are Just Never Happy (Video)
I've been hearing some complaining lately. "It's too hot"!  Please stop before I hit you with my snow shovel!  OK, that was rude and I must admit something. Even I ALMOST started to complain about this recent heat wave. But then, I remembered...
How To Survive A Heatwave [Video]
It's very hot here in Buffalo. Despite our two natural " air conditioners", Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. But we've got it good compared to the Midwest.
In Oklahoma City, forecasters expected another day of 100-degree heat Sunday, which would be the 27th day this year the ci…