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Tony Tries…Walking in Heels [VIDEO]
It's Tony Tries Tuesday, and today Val has decided to make me wear heels.  Yes you read that correctly.  There is a disturbing trend developing over the last few Try days and I think I need to reread the fine print in my contract.
When I agreed to wear heels today I hadn't t…
Can High Heels REALLY Make You Fat? [VIDEO]
I hate to be the bearer of bad news on a Monday. I mean, the Bills lost, it rained on and off all weekend, and, worst of all, Buffalo Fashion Week is over for another year. Then again, there's that disturbing headline up there, and one of the medical TV shows asking the serious question. I gues…
Foot Plastic Surgery For High Heel Wearers? [VIDEO]
Ladies and gentlemen , I get the fashion thing. I understand that the fashionistas out there will do whatever it takes to wear the latest styles. But when "whatever it takes" involves injections to permit wearing the new, higher high heels, isn't it time to say nuh-uh?