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Woah! Was This Too Far? Look How This Girl Arrived To Prom [VIDEO]
What the heck was this?

This girl went to her high school prom in a casket.
Got in the casket at the funeral home.
They put the casket in the hearse.
Arrived to prom in the gym.

It's actually genius believe it or not. As you can imagine in the sensitive world we live in, people were uber offended, b…
What Used to Be Cool That’s Not Anymore
As a rule, as soon as people's parents find out something's cool, it's no longer cool.  At least that's how history has repeated itself since the beginning of time, but who am I to argue.
A Reddit conversation just came out where people talked about things that were once very…
HS Football Playoff Brackets Set
The field is set for the Section VI high school football playoffs, beginning with quarterfinal action this weekend. The semifinals are next weekend, and the Section VI championship for each classification to be held at Ralph Wilson Stadium on November 5th and 6th...
Dolac III Stars In Battle of West Seneca
With the way West Seneca West has struggled in recent years, it wouldn’t appear their regular season finale against crosstown rival West Seneca East would mean anything other than pride. However, with an upset victory at Lake Shore last week, West actually put themselves in position …

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