Home Depot

Home Depot Looking To Hire 400 New Employees In Buffalo
Spring is just around the corner, and the Home Depot is looking to fill nearly 80,000 job positions locally and nationwide.
Home Depot announced that they are looking to hire sales, cashiers, operations and online order fulfillment employees, with around 400 positions available in Buffalo...
Home Depot Data Breach May Be Biggest In U.S. History
First, our Target purchases were under attack.
Then our selfies weren't safe.
Now, our home improvement efforts could have us scrambling for digital safety.
Home Depot has confirmed a massive data breach, and it could be even larger than the Target one that cost the company over $146 million to ad…
Home Depot Recall
Home Depot has a recall, but it's not for a piece of power equipment, plumbing, lumber or hardware supplies.  It's for a coffee mug! Yes, if you bought the "Homer All Purpose Bucket" at Home Depot, you need to stop using it and return it to your local store.
Holiday Decorating: Knowing What Lights To Use
Christmas lights and decorations are shining this weekend across Western New York. Many folks flick the switch right after Thanksgiving. If you're scratching your head though, not sure which lights are best for you then we've found a few tips online!