Random Acts Of Twinkies
On Saturday, I was at the Fisher Price Toy Store for an event with Santa and all the good little boys and girls.  I had "sacrificed" a day of my Thanksgiving-food-coma-weekend, because I really wanted to meet you - the Joy listener - and of course get my shot at tellin' t…
3 Year Old Has Fit Over Twinkies
In wake of Hostess apparenty folding, one little guy did not appreciate it when he heard the news. One would have thought that his first heart break would have been something different...much different. But, watch little Lucas' reaction after he was told the Twinkie would be no more. Check the …
How to Make Your OWN Twinkies! [VIDEO]
I am sure you are still in shock. No more Hostess, and that means no more Twinkies or the other delicious treats they were famous for. Perhaps you read my post about the demise of Hostess the other day.
What is Your Favorite Hostess Snack?
People are going absolutely mad over the idea that they will no longer have Twinkies in their life.  Maybe the thought of it is odd and hard to imagine a world without Twinkies, but I never really ate them anyway, so no big deal.