Hot Sauce

Val & Tony’s Favorite Big Game Snacks #2 Chicken Wing Dip
Full disclosure, I have never made Chicken Wing dip in my life, but my wife makes a killer one.  We brought the recipe to Las Vegas with us and it was a monster hit.  It has held up strong here in Buffalo as well.  Enjoy!
Note: Add more or less hot sauce based on the heat you want to b…
Buffalo’s Favorite Hot Sauce — Take the Poll!
I'm not a HUGE hot sauce fan, but just about everyone else in my life is!  For most, it's "the hotter, the better".  I guess I have what you'd call a "sensitive palate".  At one point, Big Red gum was too spicy for me.
As far as hot sa…
Watch What Happens When You Bathe In Hot Sauce
So, playing devil's advocate, this could be totally fake, because you never actually see the empty bottles.
But....this weirdo allegedly filled a bathtub with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce, hopped in, and dunked his head under.
Here's what (allegedly) happens when you (allegedly) try …