Hurricane Sandy

10 Funny and Uplifting Hurricane Sandy Songs
Although New York and New Jersey were dealt a striking blow thanks to "Frankenstorm" Sandy, one of the best ways to entertain yourself while the power's out and to find solace in this horrible natural disaster is through the use of music. Occasionally, many of these videos will be funny to…
Help Restore The Shore
Help us by joining the efforts to restore the state of New Jersey, the Jersey Shore and South Jersey following Hurricane Sandy with a multi-platform, community and charity focused campaign.
NYC Marathon: Should It Go On? [POLL]
You've seen the damage - on TV, in newspapers, online. You've heard the horror stories - half of Manhattan without power, much-worse damage in other parts of New York City, worse still on Long Island and in New Jersey. How is it the right time for the New York City Marathon?
Pictures That Are NOT Hurricane Sandy
Don't always believe everything Facebook tells you. If it was all true, do you have any idea how many dollars would have been donated to charity for liking that picture of a kitten? It can't be all true, and it's not. Here are some pictures of "Hurricane Sandy" circu…

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